Metropolitan Expo Athens

Metropolitan Expo has changed the status quo in the exhibition centre sector of Greece.

With its new sophisticated infrastructures, its large size and its modern architecture, Metropolitan
Expo is opening new routes within the sector of multi-use exhibition and conference facilities in
Our country’s largest exhibition centre covers over 160,000 square metres at the International
Airport of Athens (IAA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”, creating new perspectives for Greece.
Metropolitan Expo’s technical specifications and colossal dimensions enable it to organise highstandard
events and exhibitions with a broad impact both on exhibitors and visitors.
The 50,000 and 3,000 square metre auxiliary spaces fill visitors with awe and reflect the size of
the investment made by Metropolitan Expo. Its not only the impressive size which makes the
new exhibition centre stand out, but also its meticulous design which enhances the fact that this
is a huge project,, researched thoroughly and in depth. The purpose was the creation of a space
which would result in a model of construction and functionality.
Within this scope, Metropolitan Expo has at its disposal state-of-the-art technology, with an
electrical and hydraulic floor service system covering 45,000 square metres, an industrial floor
with load strength of 10 tons and Wi-Fi Internet coverage throughout the entire building,
covering any needs that may arise while hosting exhibitions or conferences. At the same time,
great emphasis was given, during the initial stages of the building’s design and construction, to
securing the harmonious co-existence of Metropolitan Expo with the environment and the local
Furthermore, there are two conference rooms on Metropolitan Expo’s conference floor with
capacity for 450 and 250 persons, supported by a sophisticated technology infrastructure and a
highly trained and experienced workforce.
Each of its operational sectors, from energy consumption to the building’s appropriate waste and
waste water management has been studied and provided for, so as to keep any impact to the
minimum. More specifically, with its architectural design and the correct use of material, the
building utilizes natural light and natural temperature. This fact, in combination with the use of
air-conditioning and ventilation systems of eco-technology and low energy consumption lamps,
has made Metropolitan Expo one of the most "green” buildings in Greece. A similar study and
provision has been made for the treatment and storage of waste and waste water. Within this
scope, Metropolitan operates a full recycling program of construction material used at
exhibitions, but also of waste produced from its daily operation, while special machines and
biological waste treatment facilities are in operation to avoid hazardous emissions into the
Metropolitan Expo, as a a model for construction and operation, has upgraded Greece's position
on the international exhibition and conference map, constituting an attraction centre for large
events and exhibitions. In a time when business activity is faced with a difficult economy
worldwide, the possibility of an appropriate projection towards the broader public, but also on a
sector level, is a valuable opportunity for professionals.
For this reason, Metropolitan Expo’s aim of hosting the largest exhibitions in Greece and
attracting huge international exhibitions and shows into our country is a significant development
for Greek entrepreneurs. Taking also into consideration the fact that Greece is the metropolis of
Southern-East Europe and the Balkans, the existence of integral facilities, in terms of
infrastructure and technical know-how, will have a catalytic effect on the development of a
specifically demanding and high-impact show and exhibition sector.
In addition, the fact that it is located at a hub means that it has particularly convenient access, in
terms of a wide range of transportation options, from the Metro Station and bus services to the
use of airplanes and cars.
Metropolitan Expo is situated at the end of Attiki Odos in the direction of the Airport, just 2km
after the airport buildings and a few minutes from the Metro Station and the Suburban Railway
(Proastiakos) with which it is connected with continuous local transport (exhibition centre’s bus
Having already built a full program with significant established exhibitions, such as that of
Mostra Rota, Xenia, Food & Beverages, Parousies, Metec, Folklore Art and Artefacts, Linea
Bianca, Graphica, Logistics, Fetec and Electrotec, Metropolitan Expo has made a dynamic start,
looking forward with conviction to a much greater future.
Progress and evolution in the modern global market belong to outward-looking companies which
seek to get in touch with the public, which project themselves and pursue communication,
creating the conditions necessary for the development of new synergies. Metropolitan Expo has
the capability of adjusting to the particular needs of each activity or event, comprising the ideal
field of activity for the business community.
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