Methuen Park

The building is a two storey triangular shape pointing towards the south. 
This simple form has a number of advantages:

Sets up strong perimeter facades to the main approach road and adjacent property, shifting between opacity and transparency as one moves past.
Southerly façades will retain extensive views to the surrounding countryside, even following the proposed development of the surrounding sites.
The cut of the north façade defines the main frontage, set in direct relation to the architecturally noteworthy Herman Miller building opposite, and helping to define the central area of Methuen Park.
The north-east corner projects towards the main approach, giving the building a memorable and dynamic visual characteristic.
Provides visual direction to entrance and parking facilities.
Efficient siting of the building, allows rational distribution of 38 individual spaces.
Reduces the surface area, and therefore heat loss, relative to natural daylighting of the plan.

Main frontage has an inviting transparency.
Lower storey is inset on an angle, leading to a transparent stairway that pushes back out of the façade, producing a distinct, sheltered entrance sequence.
Double height entry space is brightly lit, with a glowing ventilation/light stack to the far side, leading through to highly rationalized office spaces.
Office can operate in various configurations from open plan to runs of separate offices, housing up to 90 workstations.

Form & Orientation
The orientation allows substantial glare free north light, based on the fact that offices are more concerned about excessive heat gain than heat loss. There is no direct south façade, the south-east and south-west faces  have minimal openings, comprising no more than 30% of facades. The south-east and south-west faces are protected by brise soleil, with easy airflow behind them, protecting the building from overheating.

It is proposed that the brise soleil  recycled plastic lumber, with a highly durable membrane behind enclosing a fully insulated ‘duvet’ layer.  A triple glazed curtain wall is to be used along the north, while central core houses all primary services and rises to a light scoop/ventilation stack. Additional services are housed in raised access floors

A lightweight framework is proposed around massive central cores. The layout keeps spans to a minimum thereby allowing for principally column free spaces. A simples truss from, within the south-east wall supports the overhang. The grid is set to maximise flexibility and minimise wastage in construction.


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