Merlynston railway station, Melbourne

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Merlynston is a railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is located on the Upfield railway line in the suburb of Coburg North.

It is 13.7 km from Flinders Street Station, and is located in the overlap between Metcard ticketing Zone 1 & Zone 2.


The station is unstaffed, except for a period of around two hours in the morning peak on weekdays. It is located on an island platform with a small pebblemix station building at the Upfield end of the station. It has a Safety Zone on both platforms, in addition to Metcard ticketing equipment located at the entrance, adjacent to the disused booking window. There are newspaper dispensers for both The Herald Sun and The Age next to the ticket machine.

The station also has decent sized car parking facilities and connecting bus services, and therefore is reasonably well patronised. It is located very close to Sydney Road, from which Route 530 and 531 depart. The 534 bus (to Glenroy station on the Craigieburn line) departs from the east of the station, alternately from Lorenson Avenue and Merlyn Street.

There is a small shopping strip to the west side of the station and also to the east in Sydney Rd, being located in a primarily residential area. Commuters often drive to Merlynston from further down the line to take advantage of the cheaper Zone 1 Metcard fares. The station has unusual handrails all along the island platform, and patrons must use a pedestrian crossing to access the platforms.

A small semi-enclosed waiting room is located at the southern end of the building. There was formerly a level crossing located at Shorts Road, south of Merlynston, which was closed in the late 1990s, and made into a dead-end street on either side of the railway line. Until duplication to Gowrie in 1998, the railway line north of the station had only a single track (except for the island platform at Gowrie, which had two platforms but one platform was a dead-end platform, meaning trains couldn't cross at Gowrie, so trains had to cross by Merlynston).

Platforms and services

Platform 1:

  • Upfield line - all stations services to Flinders Street

Platform 2:

  • Upfield line - all stations services to Upfield

Bus services

  • 530 Coburg – Campbellfield via Merlynston RS, Fawkner RS, Gowrie RS (every day). Operated by Broadmeadows Bus Service.
  • 531 Upfield – North Coburg via Fawkner RS, Gowrie RS (Monday to Friday). Operated by Broadmeadows Bus Service.
  • 534 Glenroy – Coburg via Merlynston RS, Batman RS (Monday to Saturday). Operated by Dyson's Bus Services.


Merlynston station opened on 8 October 1889 as North Coburg. It closed in 1903, and reopened in 1914. It was renamed Merlynston in 1922. Boom barriers were provided at Boundary Road (down end of the station) in 1984.


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