Melting Space

The project is a design-manifesto for the iconicity of EXPERIENCE over the object.

The project brings a moving, fluid world of glass pools into the urban fabric of Manhattan: in contrast and opposition to the self-similar experience of static, orthogonal, and rationally sub-divided space in the gridded city.

Floating, raining, moving and steaming above an existing tower-block in midtown New York , the glass pools bring waterfalls, clouds, movement and drama to the city, creating an escape from the static monoliths below.

The project speculates and explores a fictional journey through these pool worlds; which each have their own weather, atmosphere and laws of gravity; whilst simultaneously developing an in-depth technical ‘backstage’ design and detailing of the machine.

Distorting our visual, aural, and haptic experience- the project investigates the phenomenological relationship between space, materiality and emotion, using movement and water to re-calibrate our understanding and experience of space.


8 photos, 2 videos and 5 drawings

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