Melbourne Ballpark
The Melbourne Ballpark is home to baseball and softball in Victoria, Australia. It was built in 1990 , with a seating capacity of about 5000, although in recent years seats along the base lines have been removed and replaced with standing room area leaving the only seating in the main grandstand . The Melbourne Ballpark has hosted many baseball and softball events, It was home to the Melbourne Monarchs and for a short time the Melbourne Bushrangers in the former Australian Baseball League, and in recent years the Claxton Shield as part of the International Baseball League of Australia. The Ballpark has hosted Australian Softball National Championships since its opening in 1990, and most recently hosted the Commonwealth Softball Championships between New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and South Africa.

Other significance
From 20 November 2008 until 2 June 2010, the ballpark marked the western end of the light aircraft visual flight rules (VFR) advisory lane of entry to Moorabbin Airport and class G airspace to the south and east. Inbound aircraft tracked from this waypoint ("Altona Baseball Stadium", code "ABBS") to the coast at Altona South and thence to Station Pier at 1500 ft AMSL. Westbound aircraft followed the reciprocal track but at 2500 ft. From 3 June 2010 the western end of the VFR lane was changed to the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) tower at Laverton , code "TON", approximately 2.3 km WNW of the ballpark.