Mediateca de Lima
Despite its location in the historic centre of Lima, the Mediateca is not a conservational or historic project, but as a challenge to contemporary design and architecture, underpinning public space and the idea of public buildings, ofering an open cultural building to the city of Lima. The research revolves around what constitutes a public space, and how the different types of public buildings are developed; proposing, accordingly, a new way to appreciate and live architecture, and the development of infrastructures that openly welcome the city, their citizens and their spcae-time relations. The Mediateca of Lima introduces a new concept of public buildings, opened to the city, but not altering the dynamics of the place they are in; on the contrary, they contribute to it and, therefore, enrich it. The result is a public building that is adequate and coherent with its context. The project includes a study of the University Park's dynamics, its flows, the users' profile, the space and, finally, the movement within and around the park. Thus, the project offers a new public space for the city, without altering the activities that already take place in that area, successfully. Finally, the Mediateca of Lima, presents an architectural style that is coherent with the University Park environment. Keeping some design lines related to the immediate architectural context, but it strengthens the image of the space, giving it a more contemporary expression. Old and worn out previous buildings are replaced, permitting the public and cultural vocation of that space to grow.


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