Medevi brunn, is Scandinavia's oldest spa, located on eastern shore of Lake Vättern, in north-west Östergötland, Sweden.

The spa was founded in 1678 by count Gustaf Soop and the royal doctor Urban Hjärne. Queen Hedvig Eleonora had a summer residence built at Medevi säteri, on the hills overlooking the village, at the recommendation of Hjärne. Since then, people have been coming to Medevi every summer, to cure themselves from various ailments by drinking the mineral water and by covering themselves in mud wraps. Most buildings date back to 18th and 19th centuries, providing Medevi with a uniquely nostalgic atmosphere. The health center was closed in 1982, but the water is still served to visitors in the summers.

Due to its rich history, Medevi has lately become one of the most popular resorts to celebrate the Scandinavian summer holiday of midsummer. During the midsummer weekend, daily visitors in the village often number over 10,000. The area surrounding Medevi has also seen a dramatic increase in the construction of summer residences, some of which have been turned into year-round housing. The nearby beach village of Västanvik alone has over 500 such residences. 2 confirmation camps are also held here every year, run by Hans Rhodin. Sweden's upper class 15 year olds come and involve in activities for 3 weeks.

Famous people from Medevi
Medevi is the birthplace of Swedish artist and philosopher Alexander Bard, (born in 1961).