McCoy Building

The McCoy Center is an office building located in Columbus, Ohio. The building is named after longtime Bank One president John G. McCoy. The bank was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. after a merger with Bank One Corporation in 2004. Inside is a gift shop, Starbucks, dry cleaners, shipping center, car rental, nurse's station, two cafeterias, a bistro, three Chase automated teller machines, and a personal banker. The building is located off of Polaris Parkway, home of the Polaris Fashion Place mall.

The facility—¼ mile from end to end—houses approximately 10,000 employees in a space equal in square footage to the Empire State Building. It is the largest JPMorgan Chase & Co. facility in the world, and is also the second largest flat office building in the United States, second only to The Pentagon, from which the McCoy Center has borrowed its way-finding system.

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