McCormick Field
McCormick Field is a baseball park and home of the minor league Asheville Tourists. As befits the hilly city of Asheville, North Carolina the ballpark sits on a section of level ground partway up one of the city's hills, providing a picturesque atmosphere. The park features an amusing scoreboard which reads "Visitors" in the guest slot and "Tourists" in the home slot. The ballpark was built in 1924 and was named after Asheville resident Dr. Lewis McCormick. Lights were installed for night time play prior to the 1930 season. It also served as home field for the Asheville Blues of the Negro Southern League during the 1940s. The facility was renovated in 1959, and then rebuilt in concrete between the 1991 and 1992 seasons, replacing the largely-wood structure which had developed a leaky roof. The 1992 ballpark kept a similar layout to the original McCormick Field. The facility included new expanded restrooms and larger concession stands. New clubhouses were built and lights erected as player and field enhancements. The fence behind the cozy right field area, which was in the vicinity of just 300 feet (91 m) away from home plate, was more than tripled, as it now stands 36 feet (11 m) tall (nearly the same height as Fenway Park's " Green Monster"). The ballpark served as one of the settings for the 1988 film Bull Durham . Farther up the hill, behind the left field area, is the Asheville Memorial Stadium, a football and soccer facility. Its bleacher seating structure is visible from McCormick Field, which is quite an eyesore.