Mata do Cabo Swimmingpool
This building is a swimming-pool and sanitary facilities for the Mata do Cabo Leisure Park at S. João da Pesqueira, Portugal. The Park has a swimming-pool, a camping, a basketball/football field, a tennis court and a Mediterranean forest (that we transformed into an urban park). Downhill, we designed a football stadium, to be built in the near future. The building replaces the old facilities of the existing swimming-pool, which was rebuilt, repaved and kept in its original site, above the street level. It becomes somehow a wall-building, the public face of the Park. The main entrance to the swimming-pool is the central stairway, starting at the ticket office at street level and leading up to the dressing/locker rooms, passing through the showers and toilets area and connecting to the swimming-pool platform through a semi-covered corridor, overlooking the outside parking-lot. The entrance to the Camping and Leisure Park is a car ramp for trailers and emergency vehicles. The bar has two counters, serving both the swimmers at the lawn solarium (with a long terrace under the basketball/football benches canopy) and the campers at the interior bar (with a terraced restaurant at the upper level). Users from the Camping will access directly to the shower and toilet facilities located at the top floor of the building (handicapped at ground-floor), climbing the stairs which cut transversely the building. The elevator tower (handicapped users only) is connected by long “catwalk-corridors


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    site plan plan level 2 plan level 3 roof plan North-east elevation South-west elevation section North-west elevation view from the trailers entrance to the camping view from North-east night view showing campers access to top floor night view of the restaurant-bar volume the elevator tower corridors at night view from South-west at swimming-pool level bar counter and access to the terrace bar terrace under the sports-field benches view of swimming-pool and terrace canopy Camping schist platforms and mediterranean forest Camping and Mata do Cabo forest at twilight swimming-pool building seen from Camping stairs
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