Masterplanning for the New University

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Masterplanning for the New University

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) project provides a unique opportunity to develop a Campus of the Future, one which is inventive and innovative; a future model which exemplifies the best of higher education practices in the world. The master-plan reflects SUTD's distinctive approach to education – interdisciplinary, project- based collaborative learning. The campus is envisioned to be open and transparent, with good physical connectivity and infrastructure in place, to link the campus site to its neighborhood and the City, to establish a strong Campus-City relationship. The genius loci of this Campus is the learning spine that will characterize the sense of vibrancy and connectivity of the campus. This learning spine will weave and connect various programmes that will synergistically create opportunities for meetings, casual encounters and events that will make teaching and learning a constant key element in a friendly and open environment. This learning spine also connects the Campus seamlessly from the underground transit station right to the other edge of the campus with the business park. A rich blend of building functions, woven together to form an intricate ‘Mosaic’, horizontally and vertically linking Learning-Living-Leisure spaces to encourage encounters, connection and communication will be the main strategy of this Campus. This fusion of functions will encourage social interaction and intellectual exchange, achieving an enriching, multi-faceted campus community. Unlike the other three older universities in Singapore, SUTD also differentiates itself by infusing teaching and learning components into its student residential life. A high proportion of its students and faculties are also envisaged to be resident of the campus, thus ensuring a culturally and intellectually vibrant campus well after lesson hours. Dynamic physical change is a constant in university campuses. This Master Plan provides an open physical framework with strategic urban and tectonic flexibility to respond to future change. It defines a coherent physical order, providing a unified backdrop/context which enables architectural diversity and future programmatic change. The Master-plan also puts in place an integrated whole-system approach to sustainability to ensure a Sustainable Campus Development.


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