Mary's is a new shopping centre in the heart of Vejle. The unusual characteristic of Mary's is that the centre consists of existing street sequences which we have converted into a covered shopping centre. Mary's thus functions both as a shopping street and as a passage through the town. The original streets and the old facades are still recognisable – a historical background in a modern setting. We thereby succeeded in creating a shopping centre in Vejle town centre while retaining the charm and special character of the existing buildings.

Mary's consists of glass-roofed arcades with a total of around 15,000 m² of shops, allowing you to shop out of the rain and enjoy a cup of coffee outside one of the cafés, while still being able to sense the weather conditions outside. The glass roofing is a visually light, white-painted steel structure which provides plenty of daylight for shoppers, and a view of the sky.

In part of the shopping centre we have installed a light, wood-clad deck which provides access to the shops on the first floor. This element acts as a contrast to the rawer steel and glass structures in the rest of the centre.

Building Activity