Mary Boone Gallery Chelsea
Mary Boone Gallery
New York, NY

Completed in 2000, this 3,700 square foot venue in the Chelsea gallery district compliments the client's uptown gallery which was designed by the firm in 1995. Modern finishes and materials are juxtaposed against the historic detailing of the original wood trusses and wood planks that remain exposed in the ceiling of the exhibition space. Ancillary Reception and Office/Showroom spaces with 13 foot high plaster ceilings accentuate the dramatic volume of the gallery. The structural bays of the bow trusses drive the layout of the spaces, each of the three main rooms receives natural light in a different way. The Gallery has a 12 foot wide translucent plastic skylight over the entire length of the 24 foot high display wall providing ideal lighting conditions for viewing art.

A small central skylight provides natural light for the back room while the floor to ceiling translucent glass storefront enlivens the Reception area. The limited pallet of materials includes a steel troweled concrete floor, artisan plaster walls and ceilings, aluminum plate shelves, translucent glass and plastic, and the exposed wood of the original structure. 


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