Martinikerk ( Martin's church) is the oldest church in Groningen, The Netherlands. The church and its associated tower (the Martinitoren) are named after Saint Martin of Tours (316 - 397), the patron saint of the Archbishopric of Utrecht to which Groningen belongs. The church has been a Cathedral for a short period during the first bishopric of Groningen (1559-1594). The citizens of Groningen often refer to the tower as d'Olle Grieze ( Old Grey One). The first tower was build in the 13th century (demolised by lightning) The second tower was build in the 15th century (demolised by lightning) The recent tower was build from 1469 till 1482. The Martinikerk contains examples of architecture from various periods. Much of the splendid wall and roof paintwork has been preserved. Of particular note a 16th century depiction of the life of Jesus Christ. Its organ was rebuilt and enlarged by Arp Schnitger among others.

Building Activity

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