Martinez Hacienda
Martinez Hacienda, also known as Hacienda de los Martinez, is a Taos, New Mexico hacienda built during the Spanish colonial era. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located on the bank of the Rio Pueblo de Taos.

While it is a " hacienda " in the Spanish sense of "large house" or "estate", the Martinez Hacienda is not a hacienda in the true sense of the word, which implied large land holdings as a part of the hacienda system of land ownership.

Until the original building was constructed, a small building existed on the site. In the late 18th century, the building was expanded to a hacienda of 21 rooms by Severino Martí­nez, father of Antonio José Martí­nez, when the family relocated from Abiquiu to Taos in 1804. Don Severino dealt in trade along the Chihuahua Trail and was also Alcalde of Taos. The building was built in the fortress style to ward off attacks by Comanche and Apache raiders. It is one of the few remaining Northern New Mexico-style Spanish haciendas that is open to the public. In the years following the construction of the Hacienda Martinez, Severino Martinez built a flourishing mercantile business trading goods from Northern New Mexico, allowing him to send his son to study for the priesthood in Durango, Colorado.

Modern tourism
Hacienda Martinez was purchased by Taos Historic Museums in 1972. It has been fully restored and hosts hundred of visitors every year as a living museum honoring the contributions of the early Hispanic settlers in the Taos Valley. It hosts the annual Taos Trade Fair every September 25th and September 26th when it recreates the atmosphere of early 19th century Taos.