Marof Winery
The Marof (Maierhof) agricultural estate in eastern Slovenia has existed for 120 years. Its composition of a country manor house and outbuildings lies on the ridge west of Ma?kovci village in Prekmurje. Complete revitalization of the complex reinstates the manor house to its original condition; the outbuildings are replaced with new structures, adapted to new functions and technologies, all under supervision of Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage. First of the new buildings is the winery, housing wine production for the newly established Marof wine brand. Its vineyards, located on surrounding hills, cover approximately 40 ha. Its first harvest was in 2009, with yearly production of 300.000 litres. The building’s form follows terrain topography; its volume composition is subordinated to the adjoining manor house and the old linden tree. In accordance with the Cultural Heritage guidelines, the roof is finished in red brick, the roofing material of the old outbuildings. Fragmented facade surface sets up a multitude of vertical bars, echoing the vine support poles. On the western facade, a panoramic window in visitor reception area offers views of the valley below. At its bottom, a new irrigation pond collects the rain water flowing down from the vineyards, to water them once again. The visible part of the building above ground comprises only the visitor reception area (northern side) and grape reception (southern side). The rest is hidden below ground: technological areas consist of grape press, metal and wooden wine barrels for storage and maturing, a laboratory, bottle filling station and storage areas. Constant temperature of 14 degrees is maintained by surrounding ground mass, additional energy is only used for cooling the storing vats from within during the fermentation process. Viewing portholes in reception area provide views of the cellars below. Vineyards surround the building on all sides; they are all that can be seen from within. Built Area: 2.200 m2


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