Marksistskaya (Russian: Марксистская) is a station of the Moscow Metro's Kalininskaya Line. It was opened along with the initial segment on 30 December 1979. The station is named after the Markisistskaya (Marxist) Street and its architectural theme is to show the purity of Marxism ideals.

Architects Nina Alyoshina, V.Volovich and N.Samoylova took a standard deep level column tri-vault (engineers Ye.Barsky, I.Zhukov and Yu.Muromtsev) and applied on overall red theme that includes red Burovshina marble to the columns and a pink Gazgan to the station walls. Punctuating those are a

The station serves as a transfer point between the Taganskaya station of the Koltsevaya Line and the Taganskaya station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line forming a busy three station transfer point. Transfer to the former is by the direct escalator from the end of Marksistskaya and

The station is located on the eastern edge of the Taganka Square, and its underground vestibule is situated on the influx of the Taganskaya and Marksistskaya Streets into the square with surface subway access available to both sides of latter street and to the open plaza on the apex of their adjoinment. (see last link below).