Markham Centre Park & Civic Mall
The Markham Centre Park & Civic Mall are integral additions to the Markham Community, and a response to the town’s strategy to create a sustainable, mixed-use town centre. The new urban park will act as a focus of civic pride for town-wide events and activities, bringing the community together and providing a place for interaction, encounters, and exchange of ideas. The new urban park is defined by three key words, each of which informs the park’s design and program elements: Communication, Connection, and Culture. The park features a lively plaza that unites the café culture of the west edge retail core with an open canopied structure for markets and public events, pathways that connect to the Rouge Park and its tributary, stitching the two parks together, and a series of circular forms (a reflecting pool/skating rink, amphitheatre, great lawn, orchard, and environmental art) that can host year-round, flexible programming. The circular form, the most inclusive of shapes, finds continuity through the tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly Civic Mall. The Civic Mall is best characterized as a contemporary urban forest where multiple non-car modes of transportation, from bikes, to pedestrians, to public transit (buses) can move between layers of tree canopy and understory planting. The dynamic paving pattern takes its inspiration from the ‘Doppler Effect,’ relating to sound and motion, and creating a visual separation between pedestrian and transit uses. The design for both the Park and Civic Mall will help to develop the language for a modern urban centre, while establishing Markham as a town with progressive values which place people, the environment, and landscape and public realm as the highest priorities.


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