Marion County Courthouse

The Marion County Courthouse is the seat of government for Marion County, Ohio, United States. Located at the heart of the city of Marion, it is a sister of the courthouse that stands in Washington Court House in Fayette County, Ohio. They were both designed by architect David W. Gibbs,; however, the Fayette County Courthouse was built from 1882â1885 and the Marion County Courthouse was built during 1884-1886. The blueprints are a modification from even older designs for the Henry and Union County Courthouses.

The building is predominant in its setting. The entrance is reached by a flight of stairs and a landing running along the facade. A projecting portico with a high arched opening and arched windows greet you at the front door. The other windows are long rectangular panels. A balustrade runs across the balcony above, which is supported by Corinthian columns. A pediment rises above with the County seal.

A tower rises from the center of the building supporting the four faced clock and a dome capped with a statue of Justice. The statue was taken down during renovations, repaired and cleaned and then lifted to its spot by helicopter. Urns surmount the corners surrounding the base of the tower.

The facade has several portholes with heads staring out. Four represent the race of man, A Native American chief, an Asian, an African-American, and a Caucasian woman. Also included are pioneers and the age cycle of mankind, going from young to old. One porthole even contains a head familiar to William Shakespeare.


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