Margaret Fuller House
The Margaret Fuller House was the birthplace and childhood home of American transcendentalist Margaret Fuller (1810”“1850). It is located at 71 Cherry Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is now a National Historic Landmark. The three-story, wooden, Federal style house was built in the early 19th century, and was Fuller's home from birth until age 16. In 1902 it became the Margaret Fuller House of Cambridge, a settlement house providing information and services to help immigrants assimilate into American culture. It is now known as the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House.

Fuller's parents, Timothy Fuller and Margaret Crane Fuller, were married in 1809. A few months after the wedding, they bought the three-story, Federal-style house on Cherry Street for the high price of $6,000. The couple's daughter Sarah Margaret Fuller was born in this home on May 23, 1810.

Current use
Today, the Margaret Fuller House is being used to service the public in the community of Area 4 in Cambridge. It provides a free computer lab, computer classes, a food pantry, after-school services for children, meeting room space for various activities for the public and a daytime summer camp for children. A fundraiser is held every year for the MFNH called the Sweet Soul Supper to help provide money to run these services.

Building Activity

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