Marcel Sembat High School
The Marcel Sembat high school in Sotteville-les-Rouen has the particularity to be crossed by a street and so is separated in two parts reconnected by a bridge-building. A public park is located straight on the south side of the site. The entire school is divided in six buildings of different periods, from 30's to 90's. The project is a rehabilitation and an extension of the high school. There are four important developments: a new restaurant, a new students housings building, new houses for school personal and the biggest part is the new workshops building. The main ideas of our proposal are: - To find a unity and identity of the school in the whole site, - To integrate and connect the high school and the park, - To create a public space around the crossing street, - To control access, - To restore the views and transparency to the outdoors, and perspectives on public space and landscapes. We opted for simple and easy understandable project, include workshops at the park and the students housings building in the city. We proposed the demolition of two buildings, the reorganization of the workshops and the teaching spaces of industrial technology, the construction of a new housings building for students and the construction of teachers housing in another site. We gather in a building unit all functions related to the workshops. The building starts at the boundary of the park and fits naturally to the site by the wavy design of its vegetated roof to varying curves and low height. The slight oscillations reveal the fringes of a park in motion in the trees shades. The students' housings building, by his discreet and elegant design integrates itself in the existent typical houses urban tissue. His location permits to create a student safe access to their housings without leave the high school perimeter. The unity between the two sites around the crossing street is ensured by the creation of a new public space witch will be surrounded by a new library oh the east side. This future "piazza" will be in the same time a meeting space, a walking or restoring area and the main access way to the high school. The works for this project started for 1 year and half, the new restaurant and the students' housings are completed. The professor's housings and the new workshops will be completed in 2010. Technical facts Project name: Marcel Sembat High School Location: Sotteville lès Rouen, France Client: Haute Normandie district. surface: 12 764 m² cost: 34 373 000 Euros without taxes time-table: competition winner October 2005 – works in progress – completion 2010


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