Manhattan Tower

Park Tzameret is a newly built neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, currently under construction in the east-central side of the city. Set to contain twelve luxurious tall apartment buildings, surrounded by green space, the 133 dunam area has been modelled upon similar projects in London and Paris. Only 18% of the area will contain buildings. Two squares will be built at the southern and northern sides of the neighborhood with a 60 meter wide avenue linking them. Mature trees and vegetation will be planted along the avenue. In total, 1,747 apartments will be built in the neighborhood with 6,000 sqm of commercial and public buildings. The east and west boundaries of the area will be delineated by 4.5 meter high acoustic barriers.

Approved in September 2002, the first project in the neighborhood to be completed is Yoo Tel Aviv.


The area of Park Tzameret was part of a Bedouin village called Jamasin al-Gharbi, which was evacuated during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The empty houses were used to shelter Jewish refugees of World War II and the Jewish exodus from Arab lands. The quarter was integrated into Tel Aviv and called Giv'at Amal Gimel (Amal Hill C). The creation of Park Tzameret led to the demolition of the old homes, which was accompanied by a lengthy legal battle and negotioations for the compensation of the Giv'at Amal residents who would be displaced.


This table shows the towers in Park Tzameret by rank, height and status. 8 buildings are complete, 3 are under construction and 2 approved.

(Italic text indicates provisional or estimated data)

The information source is Emporis (Excluding One Tower)

Yoo Tel Aviv

Yoo Tel Aviv is a complex of two skyscrapers completed in 2007. The two towers, named Yoo Tel Aviv 1 and Yoo Tel Aviv 2, became some of Tel Aviv's most recognizable structures even before construction began, and ranked among Israel's tallest buildings, with Tower 2 being the ninth tallest building in the country when built, and Tower 1 being twelfth. The towers are 142 m and 128 m high respectively and combined they include over 300 residential units.

Yoo Tel Aviv was designed by Philippe Starck in cooperation with Moore Yaski Sivan Architects and the Habas Group. The total cost of the project is estimated at $145 million. The buildings include a spa, lounge, health club and private cinema, all designed by Starck. Buyers of apartments in the complex had the option of four finishing styles: culture, minimal, class and nature.

The complex is constructed on a nine-dunam plot and apartments ranged in price from $4,000–8,000 per square meter. 75% of the apartments in the first stage of the project (Tower 1) were sold for NIS 300 million by 2005, two years before completion. By March 2009, over 90% of the apartments had been sold for an average of $7,000–$7,500 per square meter.

Manhattan Tower

Manhattan Tower includes 180 luxury apartments with a large private spa complex. 150 apartments were sold 'on paper' in just three weeks, and prices were reported to be half of those in the adjacent Yoo Towers. Upon its completion, the tower was the largest and tallest tower built solely by a private buyers' group in Israel. The architects for the tower are Moore Yaski Sivan Architects.

W Tower and W Boutique Tower

W Tower was built by the Canada Israel Group and designed by Yashar Architects. With 156.4 meters in height (46 floors), it was the tallest all-residential tower in Israel upon its completion. The W Botique Tower, also by the Canada Israel Group, was designed by Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects. It is set to be completed in 2013 and will include 31 floors.

Homeowners in the W Tower include former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, and former generals Moshe Kaplinsky and Menachem Einan.