Mango Financial is a small scale commercial project in Austin, Texas. The company’s innovative approach in providing financial service alternatives to a huge section of the population that is historically underserved has made this a rewarding project to collaborate on.

At Bercy Chen Studio, the goal was to create a new banking typology that would reflect Mango’s social mission. The main objectives included facilitating personal, informal interactions between customers and employees; creating a welcoming and surprising street presence as well as providing an approachable, modern, engaging environment for a historically underserved and neglected market.

Some of the key features in creating this new typology included custom branded fixtures which are round, open tables instead of traditional isolated booths; a large storefront with small entry plaza and sidewalk seating area; a well-lit, clean interior; using the building facade as signage with a vibrant logo and night lighting as well as a covered entry and ATM.

Transactions were further aided by scattered workstations rather than the traditional counter and queue and a self-service kiosks built into the design. The lobby was also outfilled with seating, video and refreshments.

Building Activity