Mandarin Gallery replaces the podium of Mandarin Hotel, contributing to the vibrancy and vitality of the Orchard Mall experience.  The shopping centre exploits the exceptionally long frontage facing Orchard Road by relocating the hotel driveway and drop-off to Orchard Link to provide a pedestrian-friendly urban space, where shoppers may rest and participate in a number of street life activities.

Through creative interpretation of the URA guidelines related to façade articulation and urban verandah, the covered walkway was expressed as a continuous double-volume space, with eight-metre high shop-fronts showcasing the luxurious global retail brands. 

Pedestrians are brought up to the second and third levels of Mandarin Gallery via a series of escalators that punctuate the curvilinear facade with outdoor urban verandahs. This design adds value to both the hotel, which gains a grand sky-lit lobby at Level 5, and the Mandarin Gallery, by allowing high-end flagship stores along the Orchard Road frontage direct street level access by pedestrians.

The façade is a highly articulated play of inter-layered surfaces with the two corners providing distinctive gestures at the prominent junctions of Grange Road and Orchard Link. The façade’s colour scheme adopts interplay of white with shades of grey and silver to provide a backdrop to complement the duplex shops along the street front. At night, the “piano key” lighting effect is formed by a series of vertical light boxes that replicate “frozen music”.


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