Malibu at Harbour Front is a high-rise condominium building located at 600 Fleet Street near the intersection of Lake Shore Boulevard and Bathurst Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is one of the many new condos in the Fort York Neighbourhood in the downtown core. Malibu is located near the Tip Top Lofts to the south, Panorama CityPlace to the East, the proposed LTD to the north and Waterpark City to the West.

Public Art

In November 2008, the site unveiled its public art contribution, a Monument to the War of 1812. The monument was dreamed up by Vancouver best-selling author Douglas Coupland, who also designed the nearby CityPlace park. The statue depicts a pair of giant toy soldiers - a gold British soldier Newfoundland Regiment standing victoriously above a toppled silver, American infantrymen soldier. The scene tells this history of the British force's victory over the attacking American invader's attack on Fort York on April 27, 1813.

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