Maison productive House (MpH)

The Maison productive House (MpH) is a 9-unit demonstration project with 5 townhouses, 3 apartments and 1 commercial space acting as design studio and bakery of conceptual creator Rune Kongshaug.  The space is a carbon neutral, LEED Platinum (pending certification) project that integrates urban agriculture, car sharing with active and passive solar and geothermeral renewable energy technologies.  The project is 60% sold and Rune Kongshaug and his Produktif design studio is currently working to replicate this project experience to other sites.

The first MpH project has integrated many proven technologies around an urban lifestyle in harmony with nature.  The constructoin was rather conventional and was composed on a major renovation (5 apartments and design studio / bakery) and a new construction (3 townhouses).  The major renovation basically replaced or recycled ALL of the pre-existing building: new foundatoins, structre (steel) and new roofing with a 4-season greenhouse.  The new constructoin has a conventional balloon wood frame.  Wood was recovered from the old building and re-used.  Special attention was given to the lifecycle of materials before selection.  The project took one 1 to design and 2.5 years to build.  Based on this first experience, Produktif studio plans to replicate smaller and larger projects at a much lower cost and thus contribute to demystify the tools and methods for zero-emissoin, net-zero and carbon-neutral construction.


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