Maison L
The project works with a pre-existing 18th century orangery, a conservatory-like building with a seven-meter high ceiling line on the northern part of the site. to disturb the ground as little as possible, 'maison L' extends 50 m to the north-west to line the boundary, resulting in a general 'L'-shaped plan. 
Considering the natural topography of the site, the house is buried up to two meters below grade with a garden roof covering the ground storey. This main level remains largely open and connected, with varying degrees of privacy depending on the depth of the zone's placement. Five three-storied tower-like volumes puncture through the green roof to stand almost autonomously with the main level. Positioned to frame a specific perspective of the site, each tower houses a dressing room, storage space, a mezzanine, bathroom and a bedroom.


22 photos and 5 drawings
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