Maison du Chemin de l'Île

This Community House is a project divided in three purposes: childhood activities centre, multi-use hall and a seniors activities home. Located in a heterogeneous neighbourhood with big social housings all around, this project, by assembling small spaces and presenting a small size, develops the theme of scales game. The first scale is the expression of a public building, open to every people. The second scale is more intimate, like a welcoming house where each purpose is defined by specific spaces with proper identities. The mineral frontage on the Boulevard is set on a pedestal slightly above, down the street line, letting the place for a lavender field and a walking and meeting space. This free space informs about the public specific character front of the edifice. By opposition to the regularity of the "city side" of the project, the inside spaces are open to the intimacy of the gardens located into the building body. Sheltered by a wide sloping copper roof, the composition reflects the playful character of the early childhood house. Two central courtyards, planted with olive trees, ensure the unity of the project. It provides shaded meeting or restoring spaces for the multiple users. On the other side of the building, the curvy Douglas Pine façade gives to the playfield a character of intimacy and welfare, just like in a house garden. This house is a High Environmental Quality project. We tried, from the conception to the realization, to minimize nuisance, waste and pollution. We also decided to include a maximum of ecological and economic devices to make energy economy and reduce the ecological print of this house: - Wood boiler - Canadian wells - Double-flow ventilation - Light Douglas Pine facades highly isolated - Local oak interior woodwork - Vegetated roof - Conservation of existing trees From the beginning of the project, this community house is conceived like a place where youth people can meet third age people, where every people of community could feel this place like a public home open to everybody. This "Maison" acts as a melting pot at the neighbourhood level. Technical facts Project name: Maison du Chemin de l'Île Location: Nanterre, France Use: Community house, activity centre for childhood, activity centre for third age people. Client: City of Nanterre. Surface: 1 246 m² Cost: 3 100 000 € without taxes Time - table: Competition winner september 2005 – Completion may 2009


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