Maison des Gardes Agricoles

The house of the farm guard

...Some of these buildings are really confusing: apart from the cemetery, we definitely need to indicate the farm buildings, kind of talking collections about the professions in the Loue valley. These buildings are inspired by the physiocrats and by the first agronomic discoveries of the 18th century. For instance, we can think of the “circles workshop”, which has recently been created in natural size in the Jura highway area6 or of the “house of the farm guards”, designed not for Chaux, but for a model village in Maupertuis; the geode in Paris looks like its modern pastiche…

In the end, Ledoux’utopia is in the first place a social one. Just like Rousseau, he dreams about an ideal society where relations would be peaceful and in harmony with nature…But the evenings round the fire, in the common reunion halls, where certainly less delightful for the saline workers than Ledoux had thought them to be… His great project of “achieving the happiness of the most” (Vidler, 1987) by means of architecture stays literarily an utopia.

Description from 'Claude Nicolas Ledoux, visionary architecture et social utopia' by Luc Gruson


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