Magok Waterfront
Winning proposal for the international design competition the LIVING WATER As one the few remaining large-scale undeveloped sites within the city limits of Seoul, the Magok district is challenged with balancing issues of intelligently appropriating urban development, providing open park space for leisure and recreation for the surrounding community and creating a landmark destination for the city of Seoul in its effort to revitalize the Han River. M-Park’s heart is at the core of a ‘state-of-the-art’ high-tech research development (the Magok Development District) located on the western fringes of Seoul with direct linkages to the Han River. M-Park, ‘the LIVING WATER’, proposes a unique vision for this 21st-century eco-urbanscape posited to redefine contemporary conditions between urban/land/water/people. With Re-Generation, Re-Cycle and Re-Connection as overarching principles, the park operates as a new sustainable fabric stimulating creative growth within the park, around the park as well as the Han River. On 1,170,780 m2 of open farmland directly adjacent to the Han River, M-Park will be the largest connected ‘water-park’ in Seoul and the first in a series of Han River Renaissance Plan projects to restore this important feature in the life of this city. Our proposal activates multiple conditions of water as a catalyst for a natural eco-system, not simply a restoration of nature, but rather a complex union between advanced technology, nature and man originating in an innovative concept/idea of an eco-friendly community. By consciously experimenting with different procedures of aqua-management, the land design prioritizes unique operational strategies such as water filtration, land sculpting and shaping, water retention, vegetation density, growth patterns and water circulation to create a diverse ensemble of natural spaces. These diverse ecologies each provide discrete environments and operational modes while naturally finding their balance and equilibrium as a whole. These areas are as follows: the Lake Park - the Green Levee - the Marina / Ferry Terminal - the Commercial & Convention Center the Reservoir Park - the Eco-Park - the Flood Gate Architecture is the three-dimensional transformative layer creating synthesis between the multiple layers of the earth, water and sky. As water is the central thesis for the park, an extensive water management system has been developed where filtration and revitalization is vital to the life and health of the park. An extensive water filtration system provides for the reuse of grey water and storm water runoff for site irrigation as well as healthy recreation water system. The use of renewable and recycled materials will provide tangible evidence of responsive stewardship of the natural resources and further perpetuates the sustainable goals of the development. Carbon neutrality through smart development, forested growth and sustainable natural environments is of high priority within the district. Reconnecting the organism of life, nature and society is the first step towards sustainable longevity. On-site power creation provided by clean renewable energy sources allows M-Park to thrive completely outside the regulations of the municipal power grid. The utilization of solar and wind energy reinforce the independent spirit of the development.


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