Maggie's Centre Nottingham

Maggie’s Nottingham will serve the Mid Trent Cancer Network, situated next to the Breast Institute at
Nottingham City Hospital. The Mid Trent Cancer Network covers the populations of Nottingham,
North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire – an area of approximately 1.3 million people.  Within this area,
there are over 4,000 new cases of cancer a year. The near symmetrical design and generous height
allows Maggie’s Nottingham to have a sense of space and balance. The elevated oval building of
glazed ceramic tile floats over a smaller basement, with plants growing up the sides. Balconies will
extend from the kitchen and meeting rooms and provide places from which to look out onto the garden, which is designed to use scent and texture to create a secluded and uplifting area for people to enjoy.
Nottingham-born fashion designer Sir Paul Smith is designing the interior of Maggie’s Nottingham. His design will include photos taken during his travels round the world. “I am delighted to be involved in creating this centre for people living with cancer and their family and friends. It will be a great resource for everyone and a fantastic new addition to the city. Piers Gough is an incredible architect and it has been a joy to work together on the design.”
Sir Paul Smith


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