Maggie's Centre Newcastle

Maggie's North East is designed to be a place of calm and care for people with cancer and their friends, families and carers.

To help with these aims, Maggie's North East will have within it a dining/kitchen for meeting and preparing food in; a large shared room for activities such as yoga, classes and lectures; two smaller meeting rooms; two counselling rooms for three people; and a library with a fire in it to sit by in peace.

Particular to this Maggie's Centre is a sheltered sunken court on its south side, which all the main rooms will open out onto. The court will provide a barbeque area, a herb garden and fruit trees. A landscaped roof garden, surrounded by a clipped beech hedge, will be accessed from the library and furnished with a bowling green and fixed exercise equipment.

The building will be low-carbon and low-energy, with grassy banks surrounding it to help with insulation. Pipes below the banks will provide ground source heating to the building and a south facing sloping roof over the library will have photovoltaic cells to make electricity.


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