Madras College
Madras College is a secondary school in St. Andrews, Fife in Scotland.

Dr. Bell also left money for schools in Inverness (Faraline Park (now Inverness Library)), Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leith (Commercial Street) and Cupar (now called Bell Baxter, formally Madras Academy). Dr. Bell introduced a style of teaching into his new school where the older pupils mentored the younger pupils as he believed that they were better able to communicate some of the ideas being taught. Madras College is the amalgamation of several St. Andrews schools. The first amalgamation was in 1833 when the old Grammar School (founded at least 1620, possibly 1520's) was joined with the "Bloody English" school (founded in 1750's) to form the Madras College. The origin of these names being that the Grammar School was taught mostly in Latin while the "English" school in English only. The Grammar School stood on the grounds between Blackfriars' Church and Lade Braes; the "English" school was on the grounds behind the Church of Holy Trinity, approximately where the town library is today. The second amalgamation happened in 1963, when Madras College was merged with the Burgh School (founded 1889, based in Abbey Walk). As part of the amalgamation and introduction to comprehensive education, a new school building was contracted on Kilrymont Road, a mile and a half from the South Street building. The Kilrymont building was constructed in a modernist style, with adjacent playing fields and was opened in 1967. The school is the only secondary school in Scotland on a split site. The school catchment area takes in a large part of rural north east Fife, and most of the pupils are transported in from the surrounding area by buses. The badge and motto, It is a chevron between three bells - a reference to Dr. Bell. The Latin motto is "Pro Rege et Grege" which literally means "For King and People". It reminds us of the importance of the idea of service to the community.

The current rector (headteacher) is Mr Ian Jones who has been at Madras since 2007. Prior to this the rector was Lindsay Matheson who was very proud of the school and can be quoted as saying "Madras College has a very good reputation within the area and our pupils are known for the high standards they set both in school and outside, where they are involved in a large variety of community work."

Notable alumni
  • Alastair Stewart - ITV News reporter and newscaster
  • Rob Dewey - Scottish Rugby International
  • Alfred Clunies-Ross - a rugby union international who represented Scotland in the first international rugby match in 1871.
  • KT Tunstall - Singer/Songwriter
  • Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Indie Band
  • Andrew Lemoncello - British Long Distance Runner
  • Doon Mackichan - English comedy actress, most notably in Smack the Pony
  • Lord Sands - Judge and Writer of Memories of 'The Madras'
  • Iain Bayne - Drummer in Scottish band Runrig
  • Gavin Brown - Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney
  • Andrew R. C. McLellan, minister in the Church of Scotland and, since 2002, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland
  • Ted Brocklebank - journalist, broadcaster and MSP
  • Craig Wallace - Champion Co-Driver
  • Gordon Moulds Air Commodore who previously held senior post in the Falkland Islands.
  • Thomas Foster - Comic Book Artist/Illustrator The Yes Men Fix The World