Macro Center Kurucesme
When the developers approached us for this project, we wanted to achieve something that had never been done before in. Although shopping is usually seen as a chore, there are many who take great pleasure in shopping for and cooking gourmet food. In order to attract those customers, we had to ensure that this project was unique in every way and appealed to the right sort of clientele. Located in the prestigious area of Istanbul, Kurucesme, Macro Center is a breath of fresh air and a new experience for the gourmet shopper. With its wide variety of world foods, Macro Center is aimed for the world traveler, who wants to experience something different, in a comfortable and enjoyable setting. With natural lighting provided by the full sized window panels situated at the front of the parallelogram venue and with its wide & modern aisles and immaculate floor, Macro Center creates a welcome atmosphere, which allows shoppers to peruse at their own leisure rather than just pick and go. The use of Iroko hardwood from Milicia Excelsa trees from North Africa, along with raw natural materials further emphasizes the uniqueness of Macro Center. Natural daylight, spread equally throughout the ceiling, provides the market a luminous and a smooth atmosphere. Black parquetry was used in order to keep the market looking fresh all day. The Delicatessen, which is the foundation of the gourmet shopping experience, is naturally the centerpiece. Located in a spacious area near the entrance, it is the heart and soul of the store with specialist aisles surrounding it. The focus on fresh food is emphasized by special lighting, custom-designed food cabinets and minimalist dark hue backgrounds for the wide variety of gourmet products on display. The splendid views of the Bosphorus behind the seafood section give the feeling that the shopper is visiting a traditional fish market, re-iterating the “fresh food” concept. With easy to reach shelves and strategically placed products, Macro Center is truly a new shopping experience.


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