Macon Coliseum
The Macon Coliseum is a multi-purpose arena and convention center in Macon, Georgia, United States. It was home to the Macon Whoopee and Macon Trax ice hockey teams and also the Macon Knights arena football team until 2006. It is currently home to the Georgia Gwizzlies, a basketball team that plays in the ABA. Seating 7,182 for hockey and arena football and up to 9,252 for concerts, it is the largest of three facilities comprising the Macon Centreplex, which also includes the adjacent Edgar H. Wilson Convention Centre and the City Auditorium, located downtown.

Macon Coliseum was built in 1968 as the first facility of its size and kind in the state. Mayor Ronnie Thompson was among its most influential backers. Thompson, who served from 1967-1975, blocked an appearance at the facility by the boxer Muhammed Ali because the mayor objected to Ali's Conscientious Objector status during the Vietnam War. The Coliseum quickly became Middle Georgia's premier sports, entertainment and trade show venue, with concerts by well-known performers such as Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley performed at the coliseum on April 15, 1972 Afternoon show and evening show, April 24, 1975, August 31, 1976, and June 1, 1977. Many others have performed here including Led Zeppelin, KISS, Van Halen, Rick James, Prince, The Time, Vanity 6, Bob Dylan(actually played at the Macon Auditorium), George Jones, Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams Jr. and many others. World Championship Wrestling often came to the coliseum. Scott Hall came out from the audience to mark the beginning of the NWO. The World Wrestling Federation performed here as well before they became WWE. It underwent major renovations in 1996 including the addition of the Edgar H. Wilson Convention Centre, which hosts conventions, trade shows and banquets. The Convention Centre has 30,800 square feet (2900 m²) of exhibit space, which in addition to the Coliseum's 42,207 square feet (3921 m²) gives a total of 73,007 square feet (6783 m²) of exhibit space for the complex, which also has 26,279 square feet (2441 m²) of meeting space divided into 14 meeting rooms. Three luxury suites were added in 2003 and the Coliseum's exterior redone, resulting in the addition of a giant "M" at the main entrance on the arena's facade.

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