mabalingwe lodge in ring
The project was developed upon the commission of South African magazine, VISI, for décor, design and architecture, to design an architectural ring: The concept behind the ring – ‘apart from a symbol of love and loyalty, the ring has, through the ages, also been used to recognize quality and authenticity by carrying recognizable symbols as a seal…. this ring was designed to carry its symbols through the life on the hand(s) of its owner(s), proudly sealing the esoteric inspiration of its role players with visual recognition, by enveloping tangible visuals that started off as strings of dreams and ideas…. …forever… a transparent resin casing moulds around the negative space, comprising the human finger….., this casing has the inherent property of eternalizing the strings of visual images of buildings and ultimately the dreams of hundreds of contemporary clients of the firm….. whilst the owners of these proudly South African structures inhabit and develop it to further the dreams for their own futures, the designer wears this symbol, where one image is wrapped around the next, as a reminder of past achievements and an inspiration for future creations……. …….thus sealing the ancient process of creativity in a never-ending orbit around its human form, the origin of the seed of creativity….. The building project inside the ring – The project is one of two, represented inside the ring. The brief was to design a lodge in the heart of the Mabalingwe game reserve in the Bela-Bela district, Limpopo Province, South Africa. The building comprises three separate structures, positioned strategically on the contours of the site. The three separate structures pose a sympathetic approach towards ecological preservation. The main building includes the kitchen, lounge and entertainment area, the other two secondary buildings, each includes 2 en-suite bedrooms. The buildings are linked along the existing contours with pathways finished in timber decking and gravel surfaces. The building materials are natural stone, sourced from the site, bricks, plaster, thatch and wood. The main feature of this building, with reference to the application in the ring design, is that – The landscape has been viewed as a finger print ….. Suggesting the contour and shape of the building….. The building comprises an organic shape, translated into brick, mortar, thatch, stone, wood and glass….. providing shelter…., enhancing views….., providing a sense of place…… being a symbol of a dream come true.


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