Luxury Apartments Mauritskade
The new building, on a prominent site opposite the Tropenmuseum, completes the corner of a 19th century city block in the Dapperbuurt-area in  Amsterdam.  It contains commercial space and a automatic parking system on the ground floor and twelve  luxury apartments on four floors above. The site is a triangular shape as is the volume of the new building. A mix of vertical and horizontal lines were chosen for the elevations both to match the existing 19th century buildings and to allow panoramic horizontal windows on the corner. The elevation changes from having a vertical character, on Mauritskade, to a more horizontal expression on the rounded corner, and  then back again to a more vertical character on Von Zesenstraat. In this way the contemporary intervention pays respect to the existing neighbourhood. In plan, the floors at the corner are slightly overlap each other creating an interesting play of volumes and shadows. The elevation is dominated by two kinds of different dark coloured natural stones with broken and sand blasted surfaces. Painted timber window frames are combined with a coated metal sheet in aluminium colour, which due to the bend at the corner reflects the sunlight in different ways. Each apartment is reached through it’s light loggia which prevents long corridors and allows orientation to the outside as well as to the apartment itself.


11 photos and 6 drawings