The project arises by a deep interest in the transformation of the artificial landscape. More than a house for living, is a suggestive readymade, an object of artificial nature which incorporates the poetic of the industrial and unexplored conditions that are inlaid in our urban reality demolishing therefore the barriers between disciplines with the intention to interpret the emergent cultural landscape. We were interested to extract those prefabricated elements, systems and technologies of artificial nature to be used as a raw material.These elements can be interesting and provocative and they allowed us to unite the volumes in all coherent an aesthetically pleasant one. It is also a work of fragile appearance that express the bearable slightness of contemporary architecture. Its design goes from a clear functional diagram, a simple constructive system, one contained formal expression avoiding the formalist rhetoric and one precise joint of components and technological articles offered by the market. In the materials and details can found subtle references to the marine architecture as well as the popular plastic colorful work of México. The interiors are organized like a sequence of neutral containers that undergo a delicate transformation as soon as they approach  to the circular condition of the corner. The hollows are trimmed to provide framed views of not very showy sorroundings.The object assumes character of a beacon that orients the course and suggests some echoes with a marine platform floating on a sea of aberrations; from the terrace on the higher floor it is possible to be descried, towards the east, the Gulf of México.We were interested in the dialogue generated by the accidental encounter of these systems or artificial technologies with the art and thus to be able to develop unexpected functional and space solutions, reassigning a meaning to the ways how the human body interacts with products of the industrial culture and the popular art, causing a tension that dramatized by means of the dispersion of the volumes through the imprecision of its edges.Object with epidermic characteristics that respond to climatic conditions avoiding the overheating and that equip the surroundings with a new meaning, modifying their perception with the distance, the angle, the level and the movement.


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