Lovett Tower

The Lovett Tower is a 93 metre (305 feet) tall tower in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. It is in Woden Town Centre, a commercial district of Canberra located in the suburb of Phillip. It was formerly known as the MLC Tower but was renamed in 2000 by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

The Lovett Tower is a landmark commercial office, last refurbished in 1999, and can be seen towering over the city far away from Canberra. Because of the strict building restrictions in Canberra, there are few buildings in Canberra with 20 or more storeys, the others being Sky Tower and Capital Tower, both of which are residential buildings.

The Lovett Tower is the 3rd tallest structure in Canberra (behind Black Mountain Tower and the flagpole of Parliament House) but is the tallest building because it has the most storeys - 26 storeys high including a basement level (though it is merely the 258th tallest building in Australia). Its construction was completed in 1973 and it is still the tallest office building in Canberra.

The Lovett Tower is the tallest building in Australia outside of a central business district.

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