“L’Ourse” Public Library

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“L’Ourse” Public Library

“L’Ourse », a new public library in the heart of the French town of Dinard, was open to the public on 21 September. Key element for the urban regeneration of the area, this major education resource has already become a cultural landmark for the town.
The sleek design by RBTA seeks to maximize daylight penetration through generous wall openings that frame the views of the 19th century buildings surrounding the facility site.
With a total area of 2,300sqm distributed over two storeys, the facility provides shelf space for 32,000 books, 4,500 cd and 1,500 dvd.
The ground-floor includes an exhibition hall and a 470 sqm reading room reserved to adults and teenagers. The children reading and activity rooms are located on the first floor. The basement provides storage facility for the city archives.


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