Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki

Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki is the design of the exterior wall of a store. White, translucent alabaster from India is cast in beige glassfiber-reinforced concrete (GRC) and polished so that square shapes, large and small, appear to be scattered randomly in the wall, somewhat like terrazzo. Square areas, large and small, are also randomly arranged over the exterior wall as a whole. In those areas, the back of the panel is polished to a thickness of 15 millimeters and reinforced with a glass panel. These square areas alternately light up and vanish. The display windows too seem like fragments in terrazzo; three layers of highly-transparent glass are combined and made flush with the exterior wall. The opaque wall panels are connected to the structure by GRC rib-bolts; the transparent panels are supported by glass DPS.

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