Louis P. Thursby House

The Thursby House located at Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida was constructed in 1872. The house is a two-story frame structure built from three kinds of center-cut pine that had been milled in Savannah, Ga., and transported by boat to the site.

Louis P. Thursby and his family settled on the inlet to Blue Springs, on the St. Johns river in 1856. Shortly after his arrival, he constructed one of the first steamboat landings and planted one of the first orange groves on the upper St. Johns River. His first residence was a log cabin that he built.

Thursby's son added a third story and kitchen wing in 1900, which have since been removed. The house has been restored to the way it appeared from 1875 to 1887.

A Cypress water tank stood near the Northeast corner of the house. The tank has recently been recently removed from its supports.

The Louis P. Thursby House is a historic home in Orange City, Florida, United States. It is located inside Blue Spring State Park. On May 11, 2000, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

  • Exterior - Northeast Corner

  • Wood Burning Stove

  • Exterior View

  • Vintage heating

  • Glimpse of the kitchen

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