Loudoun Castle is a popular theme park set around the ruins of a 19th century castle near Galston, in the Loudoun area of Southwest Scotland.

Park information
The park was opened in 1995 by a company based in London and has since been through the hands of showman Raymond Codona to its current owner, Henk Bembom's Parkware Ltd. Bembom took over the park in 2002 and invested £5m during his first year there, followed by an additional £2m in the second. He has continued to bring new rides and attractions to the park every year since, including another £2m worth of investment in 2007. In winter 2006, Parkware moved all their operations and ride stock to Loudoun from their previous storage buildings in Margate.

From the beginning, the parks mascot has been Rory the Lion, though he has been redesigned since then to become more cuddly. Rory can often be seen walking around the park greeting guests and also features in Loudoun's logo.

Many of the rides had been operated at Dreamland Margate when it was owned by Bembom Brothers. Loudoun Castle has three roller coasters;
  • Twist N' Shout - a classic looping Schwarzkopf Silverarrow
  • The Rat - a Maurer Söhne Wild Mouse
  • Wacky Worm - a junior coaster by I.E. Park
Also in the park are various thrill rides including;
  • Barnstormer - A 140-foot-tall (43 m) shot-and-drop tower built by S&S Power
  • Loggers Leap - Loudoun's original log flume
  • Black Pearl - an inverting Pirate ship
  • The Captains Wheel - an Enterprise ride
  • The Plough - the largest Chair-O-Planes ride in the world (Originally opertated as The Apollo ride at Margate.)
  • The Crow's Nest - a HUSS Troika
  • The Milk Churn - a HUSS Round-Up ride
Dodgems, for younger and older kids
  • HMS Flora McDougal - a HUSS Swinging Ship ride
The park also has many gentler rides, more suited to younger children.

Live shows
Several shows take place during the day at Loudoun. These include;
  • Rory and Friends - where children can sing, dance and play with the park mascot.
  • High Dive Show - featuring professional divers doing comical sketches plus high diving stunts.
  • Big Top Theatre - This is no longer at Loudoun.

On 25 October 2006, the fansite Loudoun Castle Vaults confirmed that Loudoun Castle would be installing an S&S Power Double Shot tower. The ride was re-located from the defunct Pleasureland Southport to the Dougal McDougal's Farm area of Loudoun, where it was refurbished, given a barn theme and named "Barnstormer". The ride was officially opened on the 23rd of May by The MacDonald Brothers.

  • Chris Sawyer, the creator of the hugely popular RollerCoaster Tycoon series, visited Loudoun for inspiration when designing the games rides. Several rides similar to those at Loudoun can be seen within the game.
  • A few of the rides at Loudoun Castle can be seen in the Only Fools and Horses episode Jolly Boys Outing on the Trotters visit to Bembom Brother's theme park in Margate. The rides were transferred from Margate to Loudoun when Henk Bembom moved on.
  • Twist N' Shout's trains were given a "mine train" theme for the 2007 season. The new style train is reminiscent of that of Loudoun's former looping coaster, the Thunderloop Express.
  • In 2007 historical re-enactment group Verias Vincit appeared almost every weekend for the whole summer season. Rain, hail or shine they turned up wearing various costumes ranging from pirate costume, medieval, 18th century Redcoats to Jacobite Highlanders.

  • On 15 July 2007, 18-year-old ride operator Mark Blackwood died after falling 80 feet (24 m) from a rollercoaster he was pushing, which had got stuck. He was taken to Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock for treatment but subsequently died there on Monday 16 July 2007. After a two-week trial, the jury found park owners not guilty of failing to provide proper training and supervision at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Saturday 10 October 2009.