LOTOS Headquarters
The design task was to achieve ultra-modern corporate building for one of Polish petroleum leaders, building integrating main functions of dynamically growing investor. Given building was also connected to existing part of offices with the horizontal glassed tube-link of eliptic shape reminiscent for the main office-building. The "LOTOS" building is the first intelligent building built so far in our region. The innovative lighting system was meant to be the symbol for fastly developed LOTOS Corporation. The tri-color-light changing elevation (yellow, blue, red for the LOGO colors of LOTOS S.A.) is the top addition to technical light installations located at the road entrance to the city of Gdansk, also aerially well visible. The building comprises 9 levels overground and one level of basement. It's 41 metres high, qualifying to the high buildings category. Structurally it belongs to the core-type buildings having all the infrastructure integrated in the centre of the plan. All storeys have been constructed on the plan of curved triangle rounded on the edges. Technical appliances' rooms, board members' parking were placed underground. On the repetitive levels there are offices, conference and board rooms. Top level was designed out of the same but contracted floor shape as the Board President's space and external timber deck which gives great opportunity to get wonderful view on the whole administration-production area of the complex and the city of Gdansk silhouette. The elevation was created as two-layered "facade filter", prefab spatial glass elements. The solution acknowledged for the strong improvement of acoustic, thermal and ventilation conditions brings new quality to the internal work conditions. It's also very efficient energy save system. Concerning safety, neighbourhood of motorway and thermal-acoustic conditions the whole facade was divided into fragments where each storey is separate ventilated part. They are ventilated through horizontal gaps in the external interlevel technical landings. Whole facade was prefabricated in order to fasten the instalment process and then each segment mounted separately to the bended steel beam. For the both facade layers sun-glazing was used. Finally the facade was covered with irregular white screen-print. For the facade night illumination there was used unique solution. LED technology plus energy-saving light systems brought color changing facade into life. Single light casing is equipped with 3 color LEDs (red, blue and green). Controlling light stream power of each of them we can achieve any needed light color and tone. Linear LED's casings were evenly placed on the circumference of the internal facade plan. At night all window blinds are closed forming a screen for LED's light stream. LED's casings on each floor are separate circuits which gives flexibility in light colors and shapes visible on elevation. The BMS system automatically starts, controls and stops the whole illumination circuit. The same play between ascetic glass, alluminium and LOGO colors (red, yellow and blue – used on floors and furniture) is visible inside the building. On top of interior composition comes the lighting relating to external illumination, also changing its colors. The building incorporates several intelligent systems managing its work: BMS – Building Managing and Monitoring System DDC – Building Automation System responsible for ventilation and air-conditioning control CCTV – Close Circuit Television AC – Access Control System


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