Los Cerritos Center
The Los Cerritos Center is a super regional shopping mall located in Cerritos, California. Since September 1971, the Los Cerritos Center has been an integral part of the city of Cerritos' tax revenue. The mall is the city's second largest retail-revenue source, producing $561 per square foot ($368 million total) in sales in 2006. The tax revenue generated from the Los Cerritos Center for its host city totals to approximately $3.7 million a year. The facility is managed by The Macerich Company.

The Cerritos Redevelopment Agency initially invested $30 million for the development of the Los Cerritos Center area. The 100-acre (0.40 km 2) shopping area built at Gridley Road and South Street was developed by Ernest M. Hahn, Inc. in September 1971 with the Phase I opening of the corridor from The Broadway department store (currently Macy's) to Ohrbach's (currently a Forever 21) in addition to having an initial 150 specialty stores. Phase II followed in 1971 with the opening of the wing from Ohrbach's to Sears. In 1981, Phase III saw the opening of Nordstrom and its wing. In November 1993 Phase IV was completed when the Palm Court Cafes debuted in the Center with 14 eateries. At its opening, the Los Cerritos Center was one of the area's first shopping malls and was noted for its high quality maintenance and complete climate-controlled environment. The original goal of the center was to bring thousands of dollars of sales tax revenue to the City. In its first four years, the city of Cerritos' retail sales grew tenfold, topping over $207 million in 1974. The former Mervyns is now a Forever 21 which opened on January 23, 2010. The new Nordstrom department store and wing opened on May 7, 2010 on the location of a former Robinsons-May and J.W. Robinson's. The new Nordstrom opened on 10:00 AM.

The most recent design (Phase V) was completed in 1994 and includes three themed corridors. At this time, skylights were added to take advantage of the Southern California sunshine, and marble and stone were added to the walkways, along with benches and landscaping. The Macy's wing houses merchandise, a movie theatre and services for the family, center concourse holds more upscale fashion stores and boutiques, and the Sears wing focuses on specialty shops in entertainment as well as the Palms Court Cafe food court. Realizing the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in the region today, the Los Cerritos Center, in conjunction with the City of Cerritos, is home to the Festival of Friendship held every February. Cultural booths and performances are held yearly with the goal of reaching out to the various communities and groups that the center's diverse demographic comprises. In 2008, 9.5 million shoppers visited the mall with November 28 ( Black Friday) marking the biggest day of the year with 76,000 visitors. The Los Cerritos Center attracts about 26,098 people a day and is the most financially successful mall in the Southeast Los Angeles region.

  • Forever 21 (85,000 sq ft.) (opened 1971 as Ohrbach's, became Mervyn's in 1987, closed 2008 due to bankruptcy, became Forever 21 in 2010)
  • Macy's (174,500 sq ft.) (opened 1971 as The Broadway, became Macy's in 1996)
  • Nordstrom (138,000 sq ft.) (opened 1971 as J.W. Robinson's, became Robinsons-May in 1993, closed 2006, demolished and rebuilt as Nordstrom in 2010)
  • Sears (277,559 sq ft.) (opened 1971 as original anchor)
  • United Artists Theatres (opened 2006)