Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

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Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

The new building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is located within the park, adjacent to the existing Los Angeles Holocaust Memorial. Paramount to the design strategy is the integration of the building into the surrounding open, park landscape. The museum is submerged into the ground allowing the park's landscape to continue over the roof of the structure. Existing park pathways are used as connective elements to integrate the pedestrian flow of the park with the new circulation for the museum visitors. The pathways are morphed onto the building and appropriated as surface pattering. The pattering continues above the museum's galleries, further connecting the park landscape and pedestrian paths. By maintaining te meterial pallet of the park and extending it onto the museum, the hues and textures of concrete and vegetatition blend with the existing material palette of Pan Paciffic Park. These simple moves create a distinctive facade for the museum while maintaining the parks topography and landscape. the museum emerges from the landscape as a single, curving concrete wall that splits and carves into the ground to form the entry. Designed and constructed with sustainable systems and materials, the LAMOTH building is on track to recieve a LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council.
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