Longshan Church
The church consists of two linking-up masses: The first space is an adytum space of 8. 4 X 8.4 meters, a place of both the forecourt toward the main hall and the space for meditation and soul purification. The front hall is paved with raw wood floor and the sand stone uncovered on the walls spreads the deposited artistic conception among the thickness and mass. Behind the front hall and the forecourt is the main hall of 16.8 X 16.8 meters in plan, the same size as the front hall . The roofs of the two halls are all declined at 45°, the exterior elevation of the construction is made of blue-gray basalt stone. A series of vertically narrowed widows of 20 cm wide. The elevations of the windows are raised at a given slope. The sunlight spreads into the church through the fluctuated windows and makes the solemn church atmosphere warm and peaceful. Different from massive and sculpture feeling of the exteriority of the building, the colors of interior space are light, bright and changing. People may feel a quite difference of the interiority and exteriority. Corresponding to the elegancy and scenery of the small town where the church is located, the design of the landscapes surrounding the church are simple and recapitulatory ,make it to be the symbol of the town, the clock tower delivers pleasant bell sound to the citizens who live this nice small town that has a floor area of four hundred thousand square meters.

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