Lomen stave church

Lomen stave church (Lomen stavkyrkje) is a stave church located in the community of Lomen in Vestre Slidre municipality, Valdres, Norway. It was built in the second half of the 12th century.

Through dendrochronological dating the church has been dated to 1179AD, but the first reference in written sources is not until 1325AD and 1334AD, at that time as "Hvams kirke".

The church was rebuilt and enlarged in 1779.

The church is supported by 4 columns, and has three lavishly carved portals, chancel-arches and column capitals.

During the last refurbisment of the church, an archaeological excavation was carried out and 71 artifacts were found, including pieces of jewelry and coins. Some of the coins were as old as the12th century.


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