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… where your spirit can fly and the windows are 360° wide. A place where you can work, relax and share life with your friends. Imagine the endless possibilities of thrilling spaces and exceptional panoramas; a treasure of unique moments. An exclusive mobile loft, an extraordinary living space. Attractive and convenient for temporary or everyday lifestyle. Futuristic architecture, space enough for air and light, individual design options, high-quality materials, lightweight and easy to install. The LoftCube combines spectacular views, light-flooded spaces, cosy warmth and innovative technology. “Feel at home – even when you are a long way from home” is Werner Aisslinger’s quintessence. A wide range of innovative ideas have gone into the development of the LoftCube in order to create this environment for you. The result is a set-up time of only three days including the interior. The inviting new living space can be used for working, living, and relaxing. Step back from the world and still remain close to nature. Welcome to the LoftCube!

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