Loft Gardens

Following the success of the Levent Loft residential, a transformation project on the main axis of Central Business District of Istanbul, Loft Gardens is designed in the concept of “soft loft` as a complementary block. The mid-rise transparent residence block, with its vertical gardens, emerges at the back end of Levent Loft - a narrow horizontal structure- to create another cohesive and lively alcove. The 21-storey mid-rise transparent residence block comprised of loft apartments at various size and forms; nature friendly with its vertical gardens designed as private walkout terraces, balconies, and garden patios. The loft apartments have floor-to-ceiling, one-piece, energy efficient, large wall of windows opening to Bosporus view and the city panorama; wealth of natural light creates more commodious and ambient spaces. In the understanding of loft style, exposed ductwork, plumbing, beams, concrete flooring, masonry and corrugated steel elements are kept in the spirit of openness and creativity that are integral to loft design. Still, to able to offer more conventional feel and to provide more energy efficiency, such basics of loft preferred with softer edges, including partial drywall encasements; the upscale loft apartments have defined spaces, especially bedrooms, fine flooring and they feature high end kitchen and bathroom fixtures and finishes whilst the key elements of openness and versatility in loft design are respected. The residences, all with wide windows and high ceilings, offer transitive units, flexible and alternative layouts for distinctive requirements. Facilities like the large underground car park, personal storage, central heating and ventilation, security, maintenance services and “intelligent house` system grant a user-friendly environment and easy access. The complex, supported by the recent technologies and professional service administration, offers a comfortable and fashionable life-style. Loft Gardens is a few steps to shopping, cafes and restaurants; the subway stop is only one block away; the loft life style is convenient especially for hardworking young people in search of a more liberal living-form, who needs to save time at home for social activities. The building is not only designed as a housing facility but also it is planned to be a high quality social venue and a friendly neighborhood.


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